It is without hesitation that I recommend Leslie Edwards to any organization that is seeking a bright self-starter who works as well on independent tasks as on team projects.

In my recent position as Manager of Retail & Wholesale Operations at the San Diego Natural History Museum, I hired Leslie Edwards from among many qualified candidates for a newly-created position of Online Store Coordinator. She held this position from June 2010 through January 2, 2011 at which time the retail operation was outsourced to an independent contractor. During her employment Leslie was a quick study in learning the new online store data program, composing elements for the template of our product site, and meeting very tight deadlines to help launch the Museum Store’s site in time for the fall season ecommerce business.

Leslie’s responsibilities included digital product photography, editing with Photoshop, writing product descriptions and maintaining current product information. She also interfaced with the ecommerce web hosting company, and with the Museum’s web team and marketing coordinator.

Leslie has a professional demeanor and demonstrated initiative and follow-through on each project assigned. She communicates well, willingly accepts feedback, and accommodates changes with a sense of urgency and attention to detail. I would hire Leslie Edwards again if presented with the opportunity.

Nancy Stevens
Retail Buyer

“I have worked with Leslie for many years and will recommend her to anyone. Not only does she possess great computer skills, she is highly personable and has a great attitude. Leslie is a pleasure to work with, and with any luck we will work together again in the future.” – Fred Smith, coworker at HPI Emblem and the San Diego Union-Tribune

“Leslie was my top student in my Web Development Class at Grossmont College. She turned her work in on time, was very active and participated in classroom activities as well as group discussions and projects. She is very talented as a graphic designer. Although this was an introductory course, she displayed a willingness to go beyond the scope of the curriculum and worked hard to show not only her graphic talent but also her creativity. If you are looking for an entry level graphic designer in a Web based business, Leslie would be a great candidate. I strongly recommend her.” – Karl Flores, Grossmont College Adjunct Instructor CSIS Department

“In the short time Leslie worked for me, she was conscientious, dependable, and pleasant to work with. She carefully prepared for her teaching assignments, she always showed up to her classes, and was kind and professional toward customers (school officials, parents, and student artists) as well as her colleagues (other art teachers). I would re-hire Leslie.” – Lisa Yegin, supervisor at Young Rembrandts

“Leslie is a nice person. She helped with the debugging process of the company web application system. In addition to that, she is very good at graphic design and communication with the customer.” – Jusuf Darmawan, coworker at HPI Emblem

“Leslie is a self-starter, who rarely needs supervision.  She is punctual and typically exceeds expectations.  She is detail oriented, organized, highly efficient, and highly productive.  She handles pressure well, and is great at meeting deadlines. She is a pleasure to work with and interacts with customers and coworkers in a friendly professional manner.” – Phillip Meacham, supervisor at HPI Emblem